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                      The Library at MSRI

                      Organization of the material

                      Journals are arranged alphabetically by full name. A list of titles with locations is on the middle shelf under the founders' pictures near the entrance. The most recent issues of journals are displayed on the current periodical shelves, on either side of the entrance.

                      Math books are arranged by the last name of the first author/editor, except for certain book series that are filed under the series name. The list of these series is on the middle shelf under the founder's pictures near the entrance.

                      Some reference books and local area books are on the shelves under the founders' pictures near the entrance. Videos are in the video room to the left of the library entrance as you go in. Videos can be checked out -- see the librarian or leave a note under the door. Earphone headsets can also be checked out from the IT department.

                      How to get help

                      MSRI's librarian is present Monday–Friday, and is always available by email at [email protected].

                      Ground rules

                      Food and beverages are not allowed in the Library.
                      The Library is NON-CIRCULATING, and no materials should be taken out, with the following exceptions:

                      • Videos can be checked out; see librarian.
                      • If the Library copier is broken, one book or journal at a time can be taken out for copying purposes, for a short period.


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